Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Festivals readers tips


Readers give clues festivals worldwide. Send us your suggestions about New Zealand for a chance to win a trip voucher £ 500



Weeks before the Day of the Dead in Mexico on November 2, bakeries and market stalls are full of death toys and candy skulls theme and colors of sugar and marzipan shaped mortality figures. One of the most moving celebrations is on the island of Janitzio in Lake Patzcuaro. On November 1, when the dead are remembered children, women make their way to the cemetery after midnight, carrying baskets of food, orange blossom and incense thousands of candles, turning the small cemetery behind the church open sky sparkling cathedral. Since women and children meditate on the graves and church bells toll, men start slow and steady music to continue overnight.



This is a trick question? Best festival in the world must be Glastonbury - not for the main steps you see on the BBC, but for other interesting, eclectic and sometimes strange actions happening around the vast place. I never take my food can taste excellent dishes from around the world, although the vegetarian dishes are better. Big stars Met doing acoustic sets in small tents before appearing on the main stage the next day, and many people have a good time.

The only difficulty is that tickets for next year are sold, but there are other ways. I worked as a volunteer at Glastonbury last for 20 years and if you are satisfied DBS [for recording the child's safety or criminal matters] appropriate and qualified medical or social functions are options, so hard to get. If there are jobs ranging from garbage collecting Manning is. The best way, however, must be effective and be invited to appear at Glastonbury - so creative.

Chris Allen, Buckinghamshire



St. Louis - the former colonial capital of Senegal - Hosts International Jazz Festival in late May / early June each year. The musicians come from all over the world to play outdoor venues in the city - World Heritage Site by UNESCO - which is built on an island in the mouth of the Senegal River. Colonial buildings with wooden balconies, bright hibiscus and bougainvillea pink sparkles are gone in a unique, nostalgic way. Fishing boats at dock line, smoked fish smell in the air lock and the music is everywhere.

Jane Sparrow, Bath



Coincidentally, we were in Yangon during Thingyan, the four-day New Year Water Festival held annually in Myanmar (Burma). We were warned that wet, so we put in light clothing, quick-drying - and so well. Young children, with sparkles in his eyes and pushed by their mothers, reveled in the absorption of buckets full of water. There was no escape.

The only people exempt were monks, nuns, pregnant women, police and the newspaper, reading, postal workers working in the holiday period.

At City Hall, a large stage with loud music was full of students armed with pipes. Trucks of people waiting to drive past and wet. Everyone was in good spirits, a man shook our hands, we wish you Happy New Year and splashed water on my neck.


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