Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[PHOTOS] Seungri @ Gimpo Airport to Japan! (130801)

  • Seungri @ Gimpo Airport, Seoul.

  • Seungri arrival at Haneda Airport, Japan:~

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Daesung's "I Love You" #5 on Oricon Daily Chart (130730) Posted by vip4daesung on July 31, 2013  

Japan's Oricon charts is the leading music ranking system of Japan. Daesung's newest solo cover, "I Love You" ranked 5th for pre-orders the day before release.

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon's Twitter & Instagram Updates! (130731)

  • @IBGDRGN: "@hl7989 after shooting today... 9 years old gap between HoJung.... and me...."
  • @xxxibgdrgn: "97-88"... [FYI: HoJung is his Dong-saeng "younger than him"]

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[NEWS] Daesung releases his first solo single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan on the 31st! (130731)

DAESUNG of BIGBANG is releasing his first solo single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan on July 31st.

“I LOVE YOU” is a well-known song of Yutaka Ozaki, and the Position’s version of the song released in 2000 has enjoyed a huge popularity in Korea. DAESUNG’s interpretation of this popular song harmonizes its familiar melody and his compelling voice. Not only that, the soon-to-be-released version reflects deeper yet more sophisticated emotions than the original version. 

As a member of BIGBANG, DAESUNG has so far emphasized his clean voice and charismatic dance performance. Having said that, he has also showcased another aspect of his vocal ability with sad, ballad songs to enthrall his fans with the release of his first solo album “D'SCOVER” and the latest single “I LOVE YOU” in Japan.

The latest song is gaining more attention thanks to Japan’s most gifted violinist Taro Hakase’s collaboration. DAESUNG has said that “In the new version of ‘I LOVE YOU,’ Taro Hakase’s violin sounds and my voice harmonize to create a completely different version of the song, compared to other previous ones.” 
The music video of the latest song of DAESUNG stresses his unique voice with its lyrical scenes describing a sad love story of a couple. The video has already caught many fans’ attention as it contains DAESUNG’s first-ever kiss scene with actress Jung Yeon-joo.

The brand-new song is also known to have been selected as the theme song of Japanese TV drama titled “I LOVE YOU.” On the 18th, DAESUNG made a surprising appearance as a guest at an outdoor screening event for UULA in Tokyo in order to promote the drama. At the event, Japanese actresses and other guests applauded and cheered DAESUNG for his perfect performance of “I LOVE YOU.”

Earlier this year, DAESUNG unveiled his solo album “D'SCOVER,” and became the first Korean solo singer from a group to rank second on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Moreover, he successfully performed at his solo tour D-LITE D'scover Tour 2013 in Japan in 20 cities for 26 occasions, wowing as many as 100,000 fans. Building on such a success in Japan, DAESUNG is expected to garner even more popularity in the country by releasing a brand-new single album. 

  • Wacth also I LOVE YOU M/V below:~

Stay with us for more updates.^o^

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[PHOTOS] Taeyang scans for JSDA Magazine! (130731)

As expected from the video teaser released some weeks ago, Taeyang (officially SOL in Japan) will be the image model to endorse the Japan Street Dance Association (JSDA) which will include a special TV-CM as part of the campaign.

The campaign already launched on May 10th on the official JSDA site and will be shown both online and through various advertising outlets across major cities Japan.

Taeyang says "I’m happy, I’m very happy! I want to inspire people with my music and dance. I hope my dance reaches out to a lot of people.”

JSDA was founded in 2001 to promote dance culture and aid dance professionals and holds dance events such as workshops and showcases for its members. 

  • See more Taeyang scans for JSDA magazine below:~

  • Also Check out the video CF below:~

Stay with us for more updates^o^

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[NEWS] G-Dragon for 2013 KCON in LA this August! (130730)

G-Dragon, leader of mega K-pop boy band BIGBANG, and popular girl group f(x) are the latest artists added to the KCON 2013 lineup. They join previously-announced boy bands TEEN TOP, 2AM and EXO. 

The U.S.-based convention devoted to K-pop culture hits Los Angeles on Aug. 24 and 25. Watch a brand new trailer for the convention below:~

G-Dragon will be releasing his sophomore full-length album, which will include a Missy Elliott collaboration, next month. It is likely that fans will be able to see new material by the BIGBANG leader at the convention.

GD had recently wrapped his first solo world tour, but the trek did not include America. This stop at KCON should more than more than make up for the flyover, given the artist meet-and-greets and photo ops.  Tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased at KCON's  website here .

  • Are you guys excited for GD? Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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Daesung's Special Twitter Event for "I Love You" Posted by vic on July 30, 2013  


To celebrate the release of Daesung's Japanese single "I Love You", he will be online on Twitter on July 31 to read fans' congratulatory messages.

Daesung, together with a YGEX staff member, will be online from 2:31 PM to 3:31 PM (Japan) on Wednesday. You may send messages by tagging @YGEXSTAFF with the hashtag #DLITE_ILOVEYOU. You can also attach special videos or photos to your messages in celebration of the single's release.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

[PHOTO] Taeyang's Instagram Updates! (130728)

  • @youngbeezzy: "Hi"

  • @youngbeezzy: "Thanks @kesh #gift #americanapparel"

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Friday, July 26, 2013

G-Dragon featured in Singaporean magazine 8 Days Posted by vic on July 26, 2013  


Fly like a G-Dragon

Big Bang leader and K-pop stylemeister G-Dragon came, smoldered and pulled off not one, but two feats beyond any K-popster's wildest dreams.

1. He's the first K-pop boybander to hold a solo concert here.

We're referring to full-fledged concerts, not small-scale fan meets, mind you. Even without his Big Bang mates, G-Dragon managed to pack the Indoor Stadium with 14,000 adoring fans over 2 nights. As far as flying solo goes, pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong comes in a distant second place with his fan meet last year. Even then, KHJ has to high-five every one of his 3,000 fans present. Super Junior, Girls' Generation or even Big Bang have easily filled two nights at the Indoor Stadium before, but would Suju's Choi Siwon or GG's Tiffany be able to hold the fort as a one-person-show? Hard to say.

Yes he cane: GD is living up to his name as K-pop's king of swag. The 24-her-old pranced around on stage with a blinged-up walking stick during parts of the two-and-a-half-hour gig. He first incorporated the cane into his act a few months ago when he sprained his ankle. He recovered but kept the cane as a prop 'cos "everyone said I looked cool holding it." Not shy, this one.

Get your cray on: Your not a true K-popster until you've mastered the art of flirting with thousand of fans at one go at a gif, a practice known as, um, "fan service" in K-popdom. And, boy, does GD know how to, well, service his fans. In perfect American-accented English, he'd coo: "I miss this beautiful city and the beautiful girls. Team Singapore! Did you miss me?"

Thorny issues: Few men can boast that they've got tailor-made DJ decks to flaunt their skills for just one verse of a song. Even fewer can pull it off wearing women's clothes. Yes that's a sequined blazer from Saint Laurent's line of womenswear on GD.


2. He reduced Singapore's cool crowd to a bunch of bumbling fans.

A day before his gig, GD turned up at a private party at Salon by Surrender to launch the AMBUSH x G-Dragon capsule collection, a collab between him and designer pals Verbal and Yoon of Japanese cult label, Ambush. Teenage fans showed up outside the MBS boutique as early as four hours before the invite-only party for a glimpse of their idol, but it was the 200 invited guests who behaved like starstruck fans hoping for a brush-- or an Instagram opp-- with the K-pop star. (And we're referring to the supposedly 'in' crowd here that normally wouldn't even admit any K-pop song besides 'Gangnam Style'.) But that's not why GD and his posse spent a considerable part of his hour-long visit ensconced in the dressing room. It was just too warm in the crowded shop area. Perhaps GD would have been better off hold up in the comfort of one of his three hotel rooms-- we hear he booked rooms in three different hotels (including MBS) to evade the watchful eye of fans.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

[PHOTOS] Taeyang's Instagram Updates! (130726)

  • @youngbeezzy: "Thanks @kesh #gift #americanapparel"
  • @youngbeezzy: "Our @choice37 @boysnoize @xxxibgdrgn

Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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[PHOTO] Seungri's Instagram Updates! (130726)

  • @seungriseyo: "D-lite 강대성 화이팅" means "D-Lite, Kang DaeSung fighting hwaiting"....

      Stay with us for more updates^o^

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      Seungri to perform at Mezamashi's Live Island Tour Posted by vic on July 26, 2013  

      From Mezamashi's website:


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      Wednesday, July 24, 2013

      YG Entertainment launches official "Youku" channel Posted by vip4daesung on July 24, 2013  


      The co-founder of YG Entertainment Yang Min Suk embarks on the Chinese market penetration venture as he goes hand in hand with Samsung Electronics to launch an official channel on China’s largest video-sharing website, Youku.

      The co-founder of the entertainment agency met with Youku Toudou Inc.’s contents director Zhu Xiang Yang and China’s Samsung Electronics marketing director Park Jung-jun for a ceremony in agreement to launch ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ on Youkou. This website is the largest video-hosting website in China.

      The launch of ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ is a pioneer co-project of YG and Samsung Electronics to begin marketing in the Chinese market. Samsung Electronics is the official sponsor of YG’s official channel, and such strategic Korean Wave marketing will strengthen promotions targeted at Chinese youngsters.

      Yang Min Suk, who said his greetings in Chinese, commented, “For the last decade we had many opportunities in China but we also faced a number of challenges. Thus it gives me great pleasure that we are holding an agreement ceremony finally here with Samsung Electronics and Youku. We will spare no effort to utilize the YG official channel on Youku as a tool to provide individualistic, transparent and exceptional contents to fulfill our role as the cultural bridge between Korea, China and the rest of Asia.”

      Yang called his Chinese fans péngyou, which means ‘friends’ in Chinese, and added, “YG is embarking on a journey in China. As YG penetrates the vast land and every beautiful corner of the country, we aim to meet with our Chinese péngyou here.”

      YG intends to exclusively provide premium contents – not only the music videos of the agency’s artists including BIG BANG, PSY and 2NE1, but also the video clips of interviews, making of the films, and BIG BANG’s World Tour documentary.

      YG’s official channel on Youku dubbed ‘YG FAMILY CHANNEL’ was officially launched on July 24 at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. Korean time).

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      [PHOTO/VIDEO] G-Dragon & Boys Noize Instagram / Vine Updates! (130724)

      • xxxibgdrgn's photo: shoes
      • Boys Noize on Vine: "#BigBang"

      Stay with us for more updates!^o^

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      [PHOTO] Daesung spotted filming in Aoyama, Tokyo! (130724)

      [INFO] He filming for some program in Japan.  Stay with us for more updates!^o^ 

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      Tuesday, July 23, 2013

      [PHOTOS] Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour DVD Photobook! (130724)

      • More photos in this slideshow below~>

      Stay with us for more updates!

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      [NEWS] Big Bang’s World Tour Concert to Play in Theaters in Asia! (130724)

      Allowing fans to relive the moments, the Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 will play in three countries in Asia. 

      On July 24, YG entertainment announced that the Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert will play in theaters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan in August. 

      “Fans will be able to experience Big Bang’s hit stages, as well as its specialty of a free and powerful performance, the special stage effects, and Big Bang’s interactions with global fans through the film,” said YG Entertainment. 

      The company added that this will be a special treat to global fans, as the film will include highlights of the concert tour that took place for 328 days and ran 7,200 hours in 12 different countries, 24 cities, and 48 concerts with 800,000 fans. 

      YG Entertainment is currently working to bring the concert screening to other countries as well. 

      Stay with us for more updates^o^

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      "Alive Galaxy Tour" to be screened in cinemas this August Posted by vic on July 24, 2013  


      YG Entertainment announced on the 24th that Big Bang's ALIVE GALAXY WORLD TOUR will be screened in cinemas in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan this coming August.

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      Daesung's Interview in Haru Hana Magazine + Scans Posted by vic on July 23, 2013  



      Q: Word that makes D-LITE happy?
      -Hmm... ‘Erotic’ (laughs) Call me ‘Erotic’ from now on, please (laughs)

      Q: What is your charm that makes so many fans love you so much? Your voice, smiling face, muscles, kindness... Tell us what you think is the most attractive.
      - Probably my small eyes and my big nose? (laughs) Hmm... I don’t really know. I want to ask you guys!

      Q: Tell us how other members reacted when they heard your song, [I LOVE YOU]
      -G-DRAGON heard it and told me “Good~ You’re doing well...” (laughs)

      Q: You’re really good at Japanese, what’s your favorite Japanese word at the moment?
      -[びんかん(means sensitive)] I learned it yesterday. Because the word is pronounced the same in Korean as well so I thought they were similar (laughs). I also like the word [ちんぷんかん(means nonsense)]. I don’t know why but I memorized it after hearing it once. There aren’t really a lot of times I would use that word though (laughs).

      Q: Women’s action that makes your heart beat?
      -When a woman smiles and when she works hard at her work. I think it’s cool.

      Q: When singing a D-LITE’s song, what do we have to work on to sing professionally and heartwarmingly like you?
      -I don’t think your singing ability matters. What matters is how much you practice and whether you have sang before or not, it’s important that you can sincerely put your memories and experiences to a song.
      I have a friend that can’t sing well but he has a voice that touches your heart, and I think that’s because he sincerely thinks about the purpose when he’s singing.

      Q: Although D-LITE is always bright and happy, I think you had times when you failed and felt depressed. When those times come, what do you do to motivate yourself?
      -I usually stay by myself when that happens. I exercise, rest for a little bit and I take a long bath to refresh myself.

      Q: Last time, I went to D-LITE’s Yokohama Arena LIVE. When I heard your song I got goose bumps and I stopped waving the fanlight and I just sighed in awe until the song ended. Have you ever felt the same listening to someone’s song?
      -Yes, many times. I think that happens when you can feel the message the singer is trying to convey. Recently I went to a Japanese TV event and I was really touched when I heard Ayaka singing.


      I don’t really go to cafes since I don’t drink coffee. Even when I go, I order a fruit smoothie 100% of the time. Especially I like to order orange and tomato smoothie. I usually don’t drink drinks with syrups. I drink water or tea a lot.

      He is someone who I can have a very deep conversation with and I think of him as my real brother. When I have worries or troubles, I always go to SOL for advice and he’s an awesome guy with a big, warm heart.

      In fashion, I like comfortable stuff like sweats. But appearance is important too! I take both comfort and style into consideration.


      I’ve been listening to Alrakiss(?)’s new album and to George Benson. I like the music from the 70s~80s and I listen to music from that era a lot. I also listen to learn more about music.

      I don’t really like TOP.....Just kidding (laughs). Even though he’s the oldest, he’s a nice person that lets us joke about these things. I think he understands VI and me (Maknae line) the most.

      I don’t like sweet things like Japanese traditional sweets. But I love the sweetness that comes from fruits. I love all fruits but I especially like watermelons, melons and tangerines in the summer.

      I am thankful that he’s BIGBANG’s leader. We have fun when we’re playing around but when recording or working, he’s very strict and has an objective opinion, so he’s awesome!

      I love looking at animals... but I can’t touch them (laughs). I am weak in front of animals because I can’t talk to them. Even when I say “Don’t come near me” they still come (laughs). For the same reasons, I’m scared of bugs and ghosts....

      I envy his brightness and his confidence (laughs). I’m the concerned type and I always have worries... But when I look at VI’s positive sides, I think to myself that I should cheer up too.

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